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Pedorthists are certified healthcare professionals trained in lower limb assessment and specialize in the design, fabrication and fitting of custom foot orthotics and footwear modifications. Custom orthotics can help with alignment, balance and stability, biomechanical control, weight and pressure redistribution and alleviation of pain in feet, knees and lower back.

Services offered at Tailor Made:

- Gait analysis and treatment plan
- Slipper casting maintaining STJ neutral
- Custom made orthotics and fitting (manufactured onsite)
- Professional footwear evaluation
- Modifications to footwear
- Compression therapy
- Accommodations/alterations to existing orthotics
- Follow up/ maintenance appointments

We are covered by most extended insurance plans including WSIB, Veteran Affairs Canada & Canadian Forces, however all insurance policies differ and coverages vary. Please contact your insurance provider for your individual coverage. A Certified Pedorthist does not prescribe their own services. Most insurance companies require that you see your family Physician for a RX with a diagnosis of your foot condition prior to assessment.